Human advancement is essentially impossible without research and development. Humans can only be sustained by natural resources and life support systems built on those resources. India has a huge population, making it urgently necessary to develop innovative, sustainable goods, procedures, and methods. The SAMT's Research & Development (R&D) branch will focus on developing novel and effective herbal remedies for common lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and high blood pressure. We'll also focus on developing strategies for improving the poor's level of living while investing very little money in them.

We all know that development requires research. The SAMT's research and development division is crucial to our working and planning processes. Before a new SAMT is put into operation, a research and development department conducts a thorough investigation to support the project. Before the design phase begins, the study will probably include an evaluation of the job's requirements and a plan to see if the operating strategy we intend to use is appropriate for us.