Sekh Abdul Samim

Chairman's Message

An Educational Institute is more than just a structure made of bricks, mortar, and concrete; it is about developing character, enlightening minds, and providing life-changing experiences. Life is a collection of events and learning processes rather than a set of instructions.
It is easy to fantasise about creating a nation of global citizens, but it is much more difficult to make that idea a reality. Education is a continuous process in which a brick is put each day to lay the groundwork for global citizenship. Improvisation and technology advancement both contribute to comprehensive and in-depth learning. I am committed to meeting the task of delivering better facilities and infrastructure to every child entrusted to me.
Every moment is a golden opportunity to learn, give, help, and grow.
Aside from large time-bound humanitarian aid and relief activities, the SAMT entities and projects also support critical societal sectors and produce realistic and innovative solutions to regional and global cultural, knowledge, economic, social, health, environment, and humanitarian concerns.